Medline Curad Moleskin Roll


Curad Moleskin Roll, manufactured by Medline, is a flexible, low sensitivity adhesive roll tape to secure dressings and tubing.

Wound care typically requires the use of dressings like gauze and bandages. Often times the gauze will only stay in place with some sort of adhesive. This means some type of tape must be utilized to secure the gauze or bandage to the wound area. Adhesives on the skin can cause discomfort, therefore, the adhesive roll of Moleskin is low sensitivity. This means that Medline’s Curad Moleskin Roll is gentle on your skin and can be especially useful for patients requiring a gentle type of adhesion.

Curad Moleskin Adhesive Roll features flexibility as well as a printed s-c release liner. This helps with providing customized sizing to ensure the tape is used in the most efficient manner. This tape is also useful for securing gastrostomy and other feeding tubes. An additional benefit of this item is that it is water resistant. This means that dressing or tubing will stay in place when the tape is exposed to a small amount of water such as when washing your hands.


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